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  • How to use a styling comb

    Using a styling comb can help create a variety of hairstyles. Here are the general steps:
    1. Prepare clean and tidy hair: Wash and blow-dry your hair first to make sure it is dry and tidy.
    2. Choose the right styling comb: Choose the right styling comb based on your desired hair style. If you want to add volume and volume, choose a cylindrical brush; if you want to straighten your hair, choose a flat or straight brush; if you want to define detail and layering, choose a brush with pointed or fine bristles. comb.
    3. Comb your hair in sections: Divide your hair into several areas and comb them from bottom to top. Uncombed hair can be secured with bobby pins to facilitate area-by-area grooming.
    4. Start combing: Starting from the scalp, gently comb the hair with the comb. When using a styling comb, you can choose the appropriate combing method according to the desired style, such as combing upward to increase curls, or combing smoothly to keep your hair straight.
    5. Techniques and techniques: You can use different techniques and techniques according to your needs, such as combing upwards to increase volume, or combing downwards close to the scalp to create a smooth hairstyle. For hairstyles that require styling, you can use hair gel, hair wax or spray to fix the style while combing it.
    6. Styling and modification: After combing, you can use hair gel, hair wax or spray to style and modify the hairstyle to maintain the durability and neatness of the hairstyle.
    - Be gentle and careful when combing your hair to avoid excessive pulling on the hair and causing damage.
    - Choose the appropriate styling comb and styling products based on your individual hair quality and needs to achieve the best results.
    - Clean and maintain your comb regularly to ensure its cleanliness and longevity.