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  • What are the advantages of air cushion combs?

    1. Massage the scalp: The teeth of an air cushion comb are usually soft and elastic. They can gently massage the scalp when combing, promote blood circulation, and contribute to scalp health and hair growth.
    2. Reduce static electricity: Since the comb teeth are usually made of plastic or rubber, air-cushion combs can reduce the generation of static electricity and reduce hair flying and tangles.
    3. Prevent hair breakage: The air cushion comb reduces the friction and tension between the hair and the comb during combing, reducing hair breakage and damage.
    4. Shape and maintain hairstyle: The air cushion part of the air cushion comb usually has the function of strengthening and maintaining the hairstyle, which can make the hair more fluffy and curly, and keep it longer.
    5. Suitable for various hair types: The air cushion comb is suitable for various hair types, including straight hair, curly hair, thick hair, etc., and can easily comb and shape different types of hairstyles.